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Wow, I haven't written in my journal in quite a while. Too much office work and, thankfully, a couple of ventures (weddings) have kept me away from the recreational use of my computer.

And now, with Selene in Santa Cruz, I am faced with feeding one of her cousins who has been world travelling by hopping from one relative to another. It is a fine way for a young traveller to see the world, and though I am OK with his visitr while Selene is gone, sadly, Moshe has to face my horrid cooking. Selene is the chef of this dyad; I am the technical JOMT (Jack of most trades). I can boil water, use a microwave, heat a quiche, but that's about it.

So, dear friends who how to cook, given I have some precooked sockeyed salmon and three pounds of Berillo Spaghetti #5, how can I with minimal cookology experience make something simple yet tasty?

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