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shooot louder, I can't hear you

Fireworks just started up a short while ago. It doesn't get dark until almost 10PM in the Seattle area, so we all wait. I am home watching them from afar - Selene has too much writing to do so after our afternoon walk at Discovery Park, we headed back across the Ballard locks to the car. What a crowded mess; all the streets leading to gasworks park were blocked as the crowds had been descending into the park since noon. Yes, people show up 10 hours before the show to get good seating. We ended up having to drive north to 45th to get back home. All well.

I am reminded each year of the movie called Shoot Louder, I don't understand! a strange 60s Italian movie about an old guy who communicates by setting off firecrackers (Oh yes, Rachel Welch is in there too).


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