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Blessed Solstice

I rode home much later than I usually do. Happenstance, meeting friends for dinner, leaving near sunset with my bike light at home placed on the worktop in the garage. Thankful for alert drivers, no mishaps. As I rode along the 520 bikeway I saw the sun set, the western colors rippling from yellows to orange to umber then shades of violet. By the time I climbed the steep driveway leading to home, I saw the nearly full moon rise; the sky still mauve above, fiery colors in the westernesse.  Blessed Solstice. In Seattle, the sun rose 29 at 5:21 AM and set at 9:01 PM--a 15 hour, 41 minute period from sunrise to sunset.

I approached the final turn swiftly but quietly. Coyote was there, walking slowly across the greenway. He looked back at me but I remained invisible. We both laughed, I making it to the garage, he sauntering off to the greenwood, the watershed, a house and home, both an urban refuge. The cats wanted out; I said 'no' not tonight.

I think of Sutra and his walk downhill on a moonlit summer's night, his final meeting with a metal dragon, his fate sealed. Beren senses my sadness and he climbs onto my lap, settles in and begins to purr deeply. I feel much better. He is on his back, looks deeply into my eyes, and then he reaches out with his paw, places it gently on my chest over my heart.

The Wheel turns and we are all part of the Wheel.


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