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It is almost 11PM and I am heading off to bed to get a good night's rest for tomorrow's Flying Wheels Summer Century ride. Weather forecast looks good. It will be either 70 or 100 miles; I’ll see how it goes.















Hi 71°F

Lo 51°F








PoP 20%

PoP 20%







Meanwhile I am recording “The Grateful Dead movie” to watch the rest of it later on tomorrow. It is interesting to see the experience, albeit at a distance; it shows the crowd scene, people totally engrossed and transformed by the music and the atmosphere. Nice to see the 1970s attire too.


This is the first time I’ve felt a tiny sense of regret, as if I missed “The Light” – the world separated into two cultures: those who did and those who did not experience The Dead. Ah well, Sugar Magnolia.


Wish me continuing output throughout 8 hours of high energy riding.

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