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I am getting much stronger this year. My weight is down from the mid 190s to the low 180s and my moving average is up 2MPH. This bodes well for the STP and I'll have better idea next weekend when I do the Flying Wheels training run: either 70 or 100 miles depending how I feel.

The cats are doing OK. I noticed they are much more cautious going out. They sniff the air carefully and stick to the walls, so I think they know about the coyote.

Grrr on Comcast. The telemarketing people kept calling to introduce their limited TV cable service (I only used to have Comcast cable modem service). As they the made the pitch they insisted the cost for 6 months would be free because they would reduce my internet service by the same amount as the cost of the limited TV cable service. I asked them to review my account and got them to verify what they offered was indeed true. So, a week later the bill arrives and my cable rate jumped by $20. OK, I called the service department, presented my story and got on them for bait and switch tactics. It turns out my internet service is brokered by Earthlink, so it was already discounted therefore no further discounts could apply. Well, after telling them about my thoughts on breech of contract, false advertising, and insisting on negotiating a settlement, I seemed to get my point across: don't mess with the Borg. I now have limited cable TV for $2.00 a month for the next six months, and a very apologetic sales company.

Is it worth it? I don't know; the extra channels are mostly crud. After all, just how many jewelry sales channels can one person stomach? The only redeeming factor is that one station is a Canadian broadcasting company. I get to hear Canadian accents! And!! I get to see Dr. Who!!!! Is that worth the eventual $15+ a month? I'd be better off using NetFlicks.

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