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Trenching project completed

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I filled in the trench yesterday in between helping out at the Soul Collage workshop we hosted during the weekend. Filling a trench that runs up a 30% grade is not easy, especially when it has to be compacted to prevent an erosion washout during the rainy season. The dirt and decomposed granite has to be shoveled back in 1-2 inch layers, compressed and tamped followed by a light sprinkle of water to help adhesion, then another layer - repeat 8 times. This is hard enough to do on a flat surface, but at 30% it gets mighty interesting. After that four hour ordeal my sense of vertical changed for a while. Thankfully a good soak in the hot tub took care of aches, soreness, and the sense of walking around at an angle.

Google maps are wonderful, especially the satellite and high altitude photo database. Here's my house seen from above. It lies slightly left and below of center. The road heading east (to the right) is about 2000 feet, descending from an altitude of 1500 feet to 1200 feet at the juncture of driveways near the right side of the photo, which is the spot where the telephone service box is placed.

We are now preparing to head back to the Seattle area as the cats await our return. I shall wave to Jez, kightp, as we fly over her place in Corvalis.

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On May 30th, 2005 12:33 pm (UTC), tagryn commented:
Looks like a beautiful spot. Trees!
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