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More rides and wildlife

The crows seem to like me; they often fly alongside me as I ride instead of scattering to the winds. Perhaps my talking to them broke the ice. I "caw" at them as I approach, and though this used to elicit looks of astonishment from them the various times I tried this, I think they are now genuinely pleased I am treating them as fellow beings and not as flying trash.

I rode around the Lake Washington again yesterday, taking the Juanita road path. Though a shorter ride, 50 miles instead of the 60 miles when going to Redmond, Juanita road is a major set of cascading hills. Seven miles of that road is an ascent in second gear. If anything, it tests cardiovascular endurance. That ride definitely burned off the calories I ate in the form of a load of french fires at Coloun park. One nice thing about the urban bike trails is that they intersect with parks, restaurants, and Frys Electronics. As I rode past Frys I saw they were having a customer appreciation day barbecue. Oh well, already loaded up with fries, another food stop at Frys was not in the cards.

Yesterday was bike day so most of Lake Washington boulevard was closed to car traffic. This was the family outing day with parents coasting on their bicycles watching after their small children in their micro-bikes, training wheels and all.

I beat the rain, though barely, when I returned in the afternoon, the clouds were low and threatening all day, and as I road up the steep driveway leading to home, it started to drizzle. As I rolled into the garage, it poured. On the large open space greens area next to the houses, I noticed a beautiful dog sprawled on the green. He was clearly enjoying the day, though I wondered why he was out there off of a leash which is required in this townhome complex. As I watched him, he turned to look at me and I saw his wild and long face, and pointy ears - then I realized I was looking at a coyote, a beautiful grey and tan green eyed wild canid. We watched each other, neither of us worried (though I thought about my cats, thankful they were indoors right now). I was transfixed by the coyote but before I could pull out my cameraphone, a car drove down from the building above the greens area; that proved to be a bit too much for the coyote who then leaped effortlessly away and disappeared into thin air.

Later on I took the cats out for their afternoon walk. They ambled out of the garage but before they got to the driveway, both of them sniffed the air, froze, then teleported themselves inside. Good, they are aware after all.

Sunday is looking good. I might take a shorter ride today see if I can locate the borderlands path I noticed the other day. Wow! The sun came out. Time to go!

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