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Great weekend

What a great weekend, especially when it involves having a friend visit.

Saturday Selene and I took Mary on a walk in the wildlands behind our house. It's an old watershed that used to supply water to the Kirkland of the yesteryears, though now the entire area is supplied by the Tolt pipelines which bring water in from the Cascades. This watershed is now a safe haven for birds, coyote, and otherkin. It is nice to be able to go up a trail and shed some of the urban buzz if but for a little while.

Sunday I went for a short ride, only 30 miles this time, heading up from Kirkland to Juanita point then continuing north to 202, Bothell, then down the Sammamish river trail to Redmond and finally back to Kirkland by way of the 520 trail. It is a hilly ride, good for muscle and endurance building. Mary went to Juanita a little later by bus to rescue what I think was an alien Asian walking cat-fish. I remember reading about these land walking fish and the problems they cause by crowding out the native fauna. Thankfully the corbae will deal with it sooner or later.

Because we spent a tad more time exchanging photos and wrestling with the arcane problems of file sharing, we did not have time to take Mary to the local Fry's Electronics store. So, I drove her straight to her hotel in Seattle. Having most of the downtown freeway exits closed off was a surprising and enjoyable tour of the city.

Fariell tries on the "Dr. Who" look.

Mary eyes the yellow blossoms that abound along the ridge walk.

Selene blends among the blue.

I have long arms, enough to take a decent group-shot inclusive photo.



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