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Lovely time

The weather has been splendid, a great time for bicycle riding. Today I'll do Mercer Island and drop off at my group's BBQ picnic during the afternoon. Mary is visiting for a few days before she goes off to Seattle proper to cover WinHec. Meanwhile we've have a lovely time hanging out. Last night Selene, Mary, and I went to an upscale vegetarian restaurant, Cafe Flora: Forest Salad with fiddlehead fern, butternut squash over polenta with bleu cheese, balsamic reduction and kale...

After catching up on Enterprise, Mary showed me her New Zealand photos and gave me the "Middle Earth" tour complete with the spot Boromir was slain, where the Hobbits were caught by Faramir, etc. My TV has a VGA input, so we could see the images in extra large scale instead of on the most nice but smallish display on her tablet.



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