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Beautiful days

Seattle weather forecasters can never hope to be accurate when the weather remains as fickle and turbulent as we have seen these last weeks. So, today's "numerous showers with sun breaks" can either be consider accurate or just plain meaningless. This morning the Eastside experienced a bout of rain, windy cold, and a blazing sun drenched afternoon. I should be biking today, but I'm not, though I did yesterday, a 40 mile zip north on Juanita hill to the top of Lake Washington, west then south on the other side into Seattle, then from UW to I-90.

I like stopping at the top of the bridge where the automobile tunnels ends. This is a great lookout point and one can see the entire lake from there. I blasted down the bike trail heading east to Mercer Island then across the second bridge onto Bellevue's south side and finally home in Kirkland. Last weekend I did 100 miles, going the long way from Kirkland to Gas Works park, taking in the splendid view of the Aurora bridge and ship canal.

Today (following Jez's kightp example) I chose to do house chores. I deep cleaned the place, vacuuming everything including all corners, edges, sills, cobwebs, and all exposed surfaces. The hardest part (as always) is vacuuming all the chairs, the sofa and pillows to remove cat hair. Yes, my little feline tribe is experiencing the spring hair shedding. There is cat hair everywhere, and with Mary (marypcb)</span> arriving in a few days, I do want the place to look decent. I finished the backlog of laundry. Now I need to fold everything and tuck things in their rightful places.

For some reason, the latest De Lint novel I am reading, Spirits in the Wires, is not holding my attention as the last two novels I read. It's either his writing style or, perhaps, the story just drags on. Well, I'll just keep at it as I hate to leave books unfinished.

I need to prepare for next week's wedding Selene and I are hosting at Skyote. My friends Jenny and Robin are getting married there, and the list of chores is far greater than I expected. At least I finished the irrigation system; the ankle breaking trenches have been filled. I need to sand and coat the 18 foot redwood post (was an inappropriately located sucker, perfect for this need) for the wedding maypole. Need to get the ribbons attached, garlands made. This will be a stealth pagan wedding as the muggle families of origin are, well, most mainstream. I hope they like cougars, bobcats and coyotes because they *will* be watching.

Odd thought this morning: though johnpalmer works in the same building as I, and though we have seen each other in the break room, and he has visited me a few times at my office, I have not a clue where he sits. Contractors and vendors are not in the collective's list of names nor are their alcove numbers listed. Do they not hear the song?


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