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Rain again

It has started to rain again, and though this puts a crimp on my bicycle commute, the land can use the moisture. Sadly, it is not helping the nonexistent snow pack so we will have to husband the water carefully until the next winter cycle. I had lunch with johnpalmer  a couple of days ago. He is not familiar with the restaurant fare in the area, so I took him on a walk down hospital hill to the local places. We went to a nice Teriyaki place, and though the prices are higher than lunch in the cafeteria, the food is much better.

John explained the taxonomy of his employment. The multilayer contractor relationship is a mind blower since each layer takes a piece of the action. Can this really save money?

Selene and I head down to Santa Cruz tomorrow, Thursday, returning Monday. I can use the break and it is always good to visit Skyote. I miss that place.



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