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Tokyo scene

Here are some photos I managed to shoot during my brief stay in Tokyo. Good thing I docusmented this stay because the rest of the last night is a bit of a jumble. After dinner we walked to a Karaoke place next to the Mori tower and found shelter in a private room. Here, with large tomes listing every Japanese, Korean, European and Amercian song in existence, we chose various songs to victimize. Beer, more beer. Sweet breads, potato chips. More beer. Drifters, The association, Queen (oooh, only 73 on that one). Our Japanese friends are quite the crooners! More beer. On one of my turns I scored 88 on the Karaoke scale singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" by the righteous brothers. http://www.romantic-lyrics.com/ly28.shtml. As I was singing, the little icons on the screen were flashing “Wow”, “Cold!” “Go!”. It appears the singing goes down to the main bar where people listen to this stuff and actually judge it. 73-75% is usually the lowest score. Polite people those, but our scores range from 73 (a rally bad interpretation of We are the Champions to high 80s for the scorchers.

Mt. Fuji at 6AM as seen from the 30th floor of the Century Southern Tower

Moi by one of the guard houses at the Imperial Palace outer grounds

Lovely stonework walkways at the palace grounds

Ornate yet function ironworks in the streets of Tokyo

Electric City, taken by the arihato subway station

Electric city, blocks upon blocks of neon lighted electronics gadgetry stores

The lifeblood of the city: the finely tuned and on-time train and subway system.

A bit of hip facade at the trendy and happening Ropongi (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3031.html). district station.

Silky Anago at a local sushi bar


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