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Reading Simon's note about the London tube had me wishing for better transportation possibilities in the Seattle area. None are forthcoming. Yes, we have a many times stalled monorail project that originally was supposed to run from SeaTac airport up to the northern parts of Seattle, but that project has been bludgeoned into a much smaller first phase "green line" which includes sharing a single rail for both directions, forever limiting its capacity to not much more than tourist scale. It is a start, but culturally this is the land of automobiles and a large portion of public sentiment is against mass transit solutions. A few automobile based congestion mitigation 'solutions' have been tried but these little electrics do not have sufficient range to be useful; their maintenance is much higher than expected, and most of the electronics in these electrics have early failure problems, notably fried inverters, motor controllers, and the motor brushes. Bicycle trails are everywhere in the Seattle area, but they are not a reliable form of transport given the area's weather.





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