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a relook

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I picked up a copy of 2001 and 2010: a space odyssey on DVD; got them after the holidays on deep discount. I saw both of these movies when they were premiered: 1968 for 2001 and 1984 for 2010, and it was really quite a treat to see them again after 37 and 20 years ago respectively, back to back. They held up well over the years though the pacing of 2001 is glacial compared to today's jump cut, no breathing room, pile o action, gasoline explosions editing styles.

It's always those forward looks depicted in movies that makes me smile: no LCD or plasma flat screen displays in 2001 or 2010, just big CRTs. The sleek PanAm space shuttles, the beautiful dual wheel space station, and artificial intelligence, dear HAL - all did not happen. PanAm went under, the cold war threw us all off on the space station schedule, and AI, well, that has turned out to be waaay harder than anyone ever considered.

But, we do have the two lovely twin sister rovers, spiritrover  and opportunitygrrl  on Mars, the RV sized robot explorer Cassini cruising Saturn, and the wonderfully short lived but long remembered Huygens lander on Titan (bless his silicon soul).

Maybe someone will bring back v'ger or Pioneer 10. Wouldn't that be a surprise.

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