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A tail's tale

It is the longest night in ten thousand years, and to record that solemn time, I lit a candle placing it on the window sill to sit vigil for the returning sun. I thought it would be nice to record ten seconds of the burning flame and make a movie loop out of it. My first attempt was hand held and it is clear the digital camera needs to be mounted on a tripod. But, this wasn't the real problem. For some reason I cannot fathom, my cat Beren decided whatever I was doing was mightily interesting. He chose that moment while I was recording to hop up to the window sill and place his tail oh so delicately (and quickly) atop the flaming candle! I tried to shoo him away verbally before his tail reached the flame, but this cat is very stubborn; he actively works to go against my commands. The moment his tail struck the flame I jumped over to pull it off.

He is fine, only a little bit of hair singe, no skin burn. Click on the candle photo to see the quicktime movie (it's about 3MB).




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