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Pedin · Guren

Catsup s'il vous plais

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My friend Lydia sent me this link (http://fekids.com/img/kln/flash/DontGrossOutTheWorld.swf) to a world traveller culinary test. It's lot's of fun; I learned about an old Polish wives tale about fish.

It's a beautiful weekend. The Olympics are clearly visible, snow capped and bright. That nasty flue/cold/ick has left me, though I still have minor after-dregs sniffles, thankfully abating. I am glad to see it gone because I want to be able to sing at "Singing for your Life", a 12 hour vocal improv a capella  event that takes place at the First Congregational Church in Oakland CA, December 30th. Members from SoVoSó conduct the performance.

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