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Snarfle, sniff

Airplanes are bacterial incubators and viral dispersants, so on my way back to Seattle last Tuesday I knew I was in for an immunity challenge as I listened to the lady sitting in the seat in front of me snarfling, hacking and sneezing.

Alas something took hold Friday, so I too am a-hacking and sneezing this weekend as also is my cat, Beren. Now I know cats and humans do not share the common cold nor the flu (except perhaps the worrisome avian variety), but it is mighty coincidental he too is sneezing. After a couple of days of cat 'ah-ah-choo's, his symptoms have subsided and at no time did he exhibit any other symptoms -- certainly his appetite remains ever strong since he just sank his claws into my back asking for his afternoon feeding.

Off to Costco to buy a VCR. Both of my over five year old ones died in ways I could not fix. Gosh, prices have plummeted on these things.

Chicken soup tonight for me, little bits of chicken for the cats.

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