Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Gratitude of various sorts

Considering that a huge tangle of poison oak fell upon me when I, in short sleeve shirt, pulled the ivy (and poison oak) that was choking a live oak a few days ago, having only three places where I have a mild itch is pretty good. I itch only where the branches scratched the skin. Of that I am grateful.

I just drove Selene back from the orthopedic surgery center; they operated on her tennis elbow, the tendon attachments were not healing so they cleaned out the festering tissue to start a clean healing cycle. The doctor said her tendons are in great shape and only a small spot had problems, so her recovery should be swift and complete. Of that I am grateful.

EDIT: Selene adapts to her temporary reduced mobility. The guardian cats maintain their vigilant watch.


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