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Pedin · Guren

Time to move along home

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I spent the day doing maintenance work around the house: cleaning out the gutters, sweeping the mile long driveway to keep the drains free of leaves come next rainstorm, checking the generator.

The gutters are always a challenge. Not only are they two stories up but there are a series of wasp nests near them. Thankfully my calming song and the cooler temps kept them pacified while I stood on a 24 foot ladder and pulled the leaves off the metal roof with the push broom. I was only a foot away from the nests. The trimmed tree branch that overhanged the roof should help keep down the accumulation.

The driveway cleanup is just a long chore. It takes about two hours to completely sweep the road and by the time I got halfway done, the sun had set and darkness arrived. The moon had not risen but thankfully the starry heavens provided enough light to see. Along with a keen sense of smell, I can see quite clearly in low near dark conditions. I love how the metal parts of the push broom take on a bright glow to my dark adapted eyes. The leaves look like scintillating objects amidst the darker asphalt pavement; beautiful shades of grey formed out of a myriad of light dots. This reminded me to take more night walks in the woods; I miss them.

I feel some melancholy as tomorrow Selene and I head back to Kirkland WA. Though I look forward to being with our cats, I truly feel the loss of not being here in the mountains in our home in these majestic redwood, madrone, and oak forests. I like the Seattle area a lot, its amazing cloud formations and the beauty of the lakes and Sound are breathtaking, but it's an alternate home. Ah well, I chose this doom.

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