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Really? I never! Well, sometimes, then again sometimes often...


Ottava rima? Me? That can't be right!
   Too frivolous? But tut, there's no such thing!
Let others ponder thoughts of wrong and right,
   Or sit and think how much they love the spring;
I'd rather spend my time in gleeful spite,
   Or maybe laugh, or maybe sit and sing.
Besides, it might be fun to be inspiring -
But surely it would get so very tiring.
What Poetry Form Are You?

My temperment:
bouncy hwiniol
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On December 22nd, 2003 07:38 am (UTC), kightp commented:
Oh! Nice userpic - is that a feathered cap?
[User Picture]
On December 22nd, 2003 08:01 am (UTC), elimloth replied:
> Oh! Nice userpic - is that a feathered cap?

Yes, it is. I neglected to describe the company Christmas party. Each division did their own thing. Ours rented Union Station (the building) in Seattle. The ballroom was well appointed with international foods, casino, caricature artists, and fantasy photo studio. I am wearing a crushed velvet opera cape and tri-point feathered cap. The thumbnail is a cropped part of that one with Selene wearing her usually nice outfit. I'll have to upload that photo soonest.


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