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Thanksgiving (6-final)

Final preparations are underway. I've spent the morning cleaning up the place for our family and friends, a wonderful motivator to get all those set-aside chores back onto the front burner. We load up the turkey into the oven; she is a range fed Diestel 22 pound hen raised in the best of environments in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Two hours later, I uncork a bottle of Aveleda Vinho Verde, a lovely unpretentious semi-dry white wine, and after imbibing a small sip, I pour a cup over the cooking turkey.

The sun has been oh most cooperative this day; it shines steadfast pouring energy onto the photovoltaic array that powers the convection oven.

Family and friends soon arrive and they bear their baskets of food gifts: an apple tart and ginger bread pear cake.

Kalamata olives arrive in the midst of mirth and friendship...

At last, the flurry of preparations have come to an end, and the feast is spread out for us all.

We are treated to mixed salad with feta cheese, a home mixed dressing with oil (made by suffusing it with garlic and herbs), broccoli with sesame sauce, brussel sprouts, cubed butternut squash, artichoke cheese bread stuffing, wild rice with chestnuts and dried cranberry stuffing (in the black pot), a platter of turkey, marmalade ginger glaze sweet potoatoes, mashed potatoes with whipping cream and butter, cranberry and pear sauce, wine soaked figs, pumpkin pie, an appetizer tray with red bell peppers, celery and other vegetables, tahini-miso carrot spread, keffi's seed patte, and a spinich dip. On the table we had olive bread and franchese rolls.

Thanks to all!


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