Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

rainstorms and winds, oh my!

Selene and I are heading back to our place in Santa Cruz, CA to be greeted by a downed tree. The wind storms common in the Santa Cruz Mountains this time of year coerced a large Madrone to land across the driveway. Our clueless house mates didn't know what to do, so we got a phone call at 6AM. Fortunately, the neighbors just did what we always do when such things happen: break out the chain saws and clear it out. Just a few weeks ago, I mentioned to house mates they should be prepared for such an eventuality. I got the typical, "oh yes, we know what to do, we -are- country people", assurance only to find out this morning 1) he didn't check to see our chainsaw had no gasoline in it (there's a small can with the mix right next to it), and 2) he hadn't used one in 15 years.

Well, the real reason for going is to prepare for the family and friends Thanksgiving dinner we are hosting. I think the guest count is up to 21 people...
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