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Good heavens,

The damn generator has a crankshaft seal leak, and that causes it to lose a lot of oil. Worse, it will take a few days just to get the parts in.

Ack! I spent a few hours reviving my old manual start 4KW generator. Thankfully when I mothballed it I removed all the gasoline and ran it dry, so no cleaning out of gunked and jellified gas in the carb. I did have to replace and gap the spark plug, add oil, clean the air filter, add fresh gas, etc.

After the 57th pull, it finally started, albeit wheezing and kathumping for a while. Then it settled into steady humming accentuated by the oh so loud 'muffler' which is just enough metal to be legal. Ah those Generac cheapies.

I've patched that fella into the system so at least I'll be able to top off the batteries when it's cloudy.

Meanwhile, the preparations are underway for Thanksgiving dinner. We have a 22 pound free ranged turkey to cook, frangelico cake, pumpkin pie, mushroon and artichoke dressing, and other delectables for the 25 people converging on our house tomorrow.

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