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Arrg! Most of the clocks in the house are smart enough to set themselves back, either helped along by WWVB or by being connected to the net. Several others needed manual help. The cats, however, being the practical beings there are, firmly disbelieve the notion of time of convenience. They chose to rise at the traditionally appointed hour and then proceeded to wake us an "hour earlier". That wasn't so bad today, but as the days progress we have to convince them to accept this strange human custom of time warping (it's just a jump to the left). This afternoon Fariell started tapping my shoulder at 3:15PM (instead of 4:15PM) asking for her afternoon meal. She's the spokeswoman for the two of them, and when I said "wait", she walked back to Beren where they looked at each other for several moments with quick glances toward me. Then they both approached me indicating in no uncertain terms that this silly notion of 'wait' was nothing of their making or desire. I compromised when the claws reached a depth about 1/16th of an inch into my arm.

Meanwhile Selene is busy copying her files off of her titanium Mac onto her new Windows XP Dell Inspiron. It's all going well so far. She's used OS 9 and did not like OS X one bit, and with many of the systems she has to interact with working better when accessed from Windows, the switch became more than just convenience. Thankfully, there is a great FTP server app called Rumpus for OS 9 (and X) that integrates extremely well with the built-in Windows FTP client. The server peeks at the file creator and file type Meta data in the Mac files then appends a related windows (and nowadays OS X) file name suffix when presenting the file names to a client. This means a client will properly express the proper app linkage. The only minor problem is with fonts. We paid several hundred dollars for premium fonts from Agfa and Adobe. These fonts were billed as PC or Mac (as the CDs mount on both systems), but the unlocking codes are system specific and Agfa won't budge even though the original contract says they will work for both systems. This is the reason I loathe such onerous and capricious licensing situations. I *bought* the fonts and now I have to crack the codes to transfer them to Windows.

It is 4:14PM, the sun is near setting and the cats are due for their outside time...

4:29, too cold for the cats. They sniffed around for a few minutes then slinked back inside.



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