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A beautiful blood moon

This was nearly perfect viewing weather to view the total lunar eclipse this evening. With only a thin high overcast to reflect back the city lights, the sky was surprisingly dark.

Selene and I walked up the steep path behind our place which led us to the ridgetop of the Watershed. We soon left the street and building lights behind us, and the foliage acted as a perfect shield. Walking along the dark pathway illumined by the rust colored glow of the moon, we settled in a clear part of the trail underneath a tree and watched as the upper left limb receded to a mostly even deep reddish/orange hue.

I took this first shot with my digicam set to max telephoto and focus set to infinity. As I did not have a camera stand, I managed to shift during the 1/2 second exposure. The second shot is a wide angle with a bit of motion blur. Not bad for a handheld exposure.



Finally, this is a composite shot; the moon is a long exposure superimposed atop another flash shot of the ridge top.




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