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Selene left for Santa Cruz Sunday. I'll join her Tuesday then stay there for a week. We have a family Thanksgiving dinner planned, some 25 people will be there.

There's a glitch that needs fixing. The backup generator is acting up, and since the days are cloudy and we have a lot cooking/baking to do, this is a bad time to be without the additional power. Hopefully the repair folks will get it fixed by Tuesday, else I will have to hook up the old hand cranked gasoline cantankerous generator.

BTW, don't ever buy a Generac generator. That made in the USA thing has been quite problematic *and* they voided my warranty because I'm not hooked up to a power main despite my documenting that it runs for less time than the average mains power outages for the area. I'm tired of companies that make poor quality products then wrap themselves in the flag to promote themselves. I should have bought the more expensive Onan. Oh well. Live, pay, learn, sue. Sigh!


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