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I just read </a></b></a>rowanf 's blog an her wait for a lushcious read Prius. Good for you, Rowan! I've been driving my 1989 Honda Accord waiting for a decent automobile that gets better mileage than the Accord and has similar or better handling and power. It looks like the Prius might be that car. I also heard Honda is making a hybrid Accord, so I will wait and see. Meanwhile the old reliable Accord (at 275,000 miles) is doing OK. Yes, the power steering stopped being powered (I ought to take it in and have that fixed), and the radio only works properly on AM, but it still gets 32 miles per gallon and passes the emissions test with flying colors.
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On September 27th, 2004 09:51 pm (UTC), rutemple commented:
been visiting Bahstin?
All this makes me think more and more that we'll just keep the sweet old (paid for) 11 year old Saturn who just passed her 100,000 mark this summer and purrs like a dream car, getting generally over 35 mpg... and run her as long as she will.
Mostly she sits by the curb, and goes for short drives on street-sweeping days, or off to errands...
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On September 27th, 2004 09:58 pm (UTC), elimloth replied:
Re: been visiting Bahstin?
My Accord of late just sits in the garage during the dry season because I commute to work by bicycle. The positive aspect of my move to Seattle was changing from a daily 70 mile per day car ride to 20 miles per month by car. If your Saturn is used infrequently, it will probably last a very long time. At nearly 300K miles my Accord is starting to exhibit interesting problems.

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