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Are you a boy or a girl?

The house down our driveway is in escrow, awaiting closing and other complications of a house in probate. The previous owner and neighbor facilitated his moving on experience (committed suicide), so the house and property are tied up in probate even though he did leave a will.

Anyway, we met the young couple and their two children, a seven year old girl and a 4 year old boy. All were clean cut folks, nice, though I was much amused when the boy looked up at me and said "are you a boy or a girl?" I had not heard that kind of question since the last century, around the mid 60s. I smiled, the parents did a marvelous job of ignoring the question and we kept talking about other things. And, later on I forgot to answer the boy's question, but perhaps leaving the question open will have expanded his experience base.

It is a good question, nonetheless, so I ask it and also ask what makes you feel like a boy or a girl.


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