September 11th, 2006



I remember five years ago on this date a group of people who hate this country’s very existence struck hard and that we reacted badly. The world mourned for us and with us. And then we struck back with forthright force, but we didn't stop there. I remember that day was exploited in the worse way possible by having the country placed in a state of perpetual war (the military term is a ‘long war’) and that  the executive branch exercised its right to secrecy and the right to set aside laws in matters of war; I remember that 1984 happened in 2001.


I now know of far too many people leaving this country to be ex-patriots to avoid the fear of the loss of their civil liberties or the fading of democracy itself. They have chosen to leave while that is possible. I also know I get to choose in a couple of years and that my fervent hope of choosing a very different administration and congress is something many other people who remain will also choose to do. It is faint hope that I will be able to choose at all, but it is hope nonetheless.

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