December 7th, 2005


Year 2005 in review

I clearly do not use LiveJournal to my greatest potential, and I realize I should pattern my journal entries after Jez's, kightp, reporter style; the first sentence of anything written needs to pack the essence of what follows as if it were a viral meme, it's memetic code wound tightly like a virgin's... uh, oh, never mind. Thus, here lies my year's monthlies:

We're home having returned early from First Night Santa Cruz.

We're other home, back to Kirkland from Santa Cruz.

Oh how I wish spring would, well, spring soonest.

What a ride home from San Jose.

Here are some photos I managed to shoot during my brief stay in Tokyo.

I ought to have backdated this to April 1st, but then this is a real event though it seems otherwise.

Moof, I have waiting all morning for a break in the rains.

Fireworks just started up a short while ago.

"No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking."

Code named Xena, the 10th planet of our solar system which is 20% larger than Pluto, has a moon code named Gabrielle.

Bumper tag heard on a TV movie: "Category 7: the end of the world, brought to you by Lunesta.".

New Orleans is no more; it is being replaced by Nu Orleans, a haven for tourists who have no idea or perhaps do not care about the devastation that lies but a few blocks from the bustling French Quarter.

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