March 5th, 2005


Someplace to be flying

I finally have my circadian rhythm in loose synchrony with the Seattle day/night cycle. It took a couple of days to slide around from Tokyo time. I chanced to take with me one of Charles de Lint's books, Someplace to be Flying, and I just finished it last night. I would have done so sooner but Beren insisted I play 'bird' with him - several times through the evening. Bird is a rainbow colored length of soft stretchy material attached to a clear wand. I animate it making it flutter and fly about and Beren delights in leaping after it. Since I've played bird with both of them, he's learned to leap straight up from the ground as high as six feet, and with his amazing reach, he can snatch it flying seven feet above him. Fariell is not a leaper but a fine chaser. She can tear around a carpeted floor faster than most mice would aspire to do on their best days.

Anyway, I had to take several fifteen minute breaks because Beren would sink his claws into my biceps to get my attention; a deep gaze into my eyes followed by a quiet 'merp' with bird dangling from his mouth was a pretty clear message. Thus, I ended playing with my cats (Fariell jumped into the game too) and finished a most lovely urban fantasy, leaving me pensive, or rather, reminding me I sometimes forget about the magic that is around us.

It is a lovely day today. I took the cats out on their weekend romp. We came to an understanding that they will not tear up the furniture (mostly) if I take them out on these weekend romps around the grounds. So far, we've all kept to our promises and now we are back inside; the cats are stretched out fully, asleep and content and I sing into the crystal wind.



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