January 9th, 2005


A quiet contemplative weekend

I spent half of Saturday post processing a bunch of photos. The digital camera does a good job of producing decent photos but it has some limitations, notably with linearity of dark areas. I also noticed that the smaller cameras are harder to hold level than the older 35MM bodies, so my photos are not always level (when I want them to be). So, I spent some time cleaning up a bunch of wedding photos I took at my friends handfasting, and then, since I was on a roll, I decided to clean up many other photos. Before long darkness fell unawares. This morning the snow fell in earnest; we had two inches of white powder which remained on the ground throughout the day. This was the cats second experience of snow, quite a different reaction this time since their first kitten experience. After they played around on the back deck, I took them out for a long walk on the front grounds. They enjoyed pushing through the four inches of snow, which for them was halfway up their bodies, shaking off the white powder then scampering up the trees.

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