June 21st, 2004


net working

I'm down in Santa Cruz this weekend to catch up on some house maintenance. Now that Mr. Big, a tall and stately fir tree, is an 802.11 long haul wireless nexus, I finally have reliable high speed internet service, 3MB symmetric. When I built this house, I prewired the place with cat-5e and that included the long runs between the main house and the pump house where the radio equipment lives. I also ran a cable from the switch closet to the the mechanicals room where the long runs terminate. Unfortunately, the cross run is shorted out; probably some worker ran a nail through the cable when they screwed in the plaster board. So, I had to go to plan B where I ran a new cable up a plenum into the attic then across to another plenum and down; this was a great plan until I discovered one plenum was stuffed with blown insulation in which I spent an hour to remove by hand and with a long pole. Oh well, it's all working now.

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an ending

My nearby neighbor took the path of shadow and committed suicide. He was tormented soul, exceptionally shy, very smart, and determined toward his final act.

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