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More training

I did my 60 mile ride Saturday which turned out to be a sedate venture as my rider friend is not nearly a fit as I, but it was a good test of patience and not pushing it, something I need to keep in mind for a 100 mile leg of a 200 journey.

Monday was different as it was a moderate and fast 60+ mile ride around the entirety of Lake Washington! It's my first circumnav ride with a group of experienced riders, and I have never climbed so many hills, ever. The trip started at Gasworks park, up the Burke-Gilman trail to Tracy Owners station, then south on Juanita (massively tough climb) with a turn off to Hunters point (major down then major up again). Yet another climb on Juanita then a descent to Kirkland The first part went well; I rode with the 1st (fast) group from Gasworks park to the top of the lake. Then, the fast group took off after a three millisecond rest, so I went with the moderate group from the top of the lake up a seriously steep mile long climb south toward Kirkland. From there we rode to Renton which sits at the bottom (south) part of the lake. We had lunch there and I rejoined the fast group heading west then northward. I kept up until I hit the 15 mile 3% grade on Lk Washinton Blvd and watched them slowly pull away from me. Three others of us had similar conditioning so it wasn't too bad. Then we made a mistake and took Lk Wash, a 7+% grade, instead of Lakeside. I just about expired. By the time I made it to the overpass park at I-90, the moderate group caught up, and I thankfully followed them to the course's end. It was a 65 mile trip on moderate and steep hills in five hours (four moving hours).

Must eat. Must eat a lot.

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