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Heading northwest again

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I've had a lovely extended weekend at Skyote helping Selene with the holotropic breath work session Saturday then cleaning up the place afterward. As usual, I spent a goodly amount of time doing maintenance. This weekend I worked on the irrigation project, part 2 of 5. I cleaned out the 50 foot trench from last time, dropped in water line, conduit, and control cables, glued the sections, built the solenoid valves, etc. It's working great this morning. The bees approved by flying in a most curious formation above the lavender and salvia bushes, now that they get a regular gentle drip from the soaker hoses. Usually the striped brown bees congregate among the lavender while the larger black bumble bees forage the salvia bush. Today I got the round-the-world processional flyby from both tribes. It was wonderful!

Before I go back to Seattle, I need to change my uplink path. Now that the beamed 802.11 dishes are active on Mr. Big (a 100 foot tall fir tree), I should get a steady symmetric 3-5Mb internet link. The roof dish proved susceptible to signal fading and heat related failure.

It's too bad I could not connect withsbisson. </span>


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On May 24th, 2004 11:41 am (UTC), marypcb commented:
we were looking out of the window trying to spot the house! next time, next time!
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